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Submission Deadline (for 7 - 8 pages): March 20, 2019

Submission Deadline (for 1- 4 pages/posters/demos):  March 30, 2019

Acceptance Notification: April 8, 2019

Extended Acceptance Notification: April 10, 2019

Presentation Version Deadline: April 20, 2019

Call For Papers

This workshop is designed to highlight the applied data mining, machine learning and AI research work being conducted in Africa. 

We are expecting to see a broad diversity in ideas, approaches, and methodologies. 

We are strongly encouraging 2-4 page submissions of newly emerging research on the continent.

Similarly we want to encourage new researchers to submit — those who haven’t had the opportunity to present at Deep Learning Indaba ( or Data Science Africa ( 

Our drive for this workshop is to identify research that can benefit from the exposure at a data-mining conference. Of the several different rubrics, our reviewers will be instructed to flag research which can benefit from the exposure. We want to identify the research which is most likely to have to the most improvement over a year's time. The idea is to invite those researchers back to a follow-up workshop in order to get an update on their progress.

Ultimately we want to not only showcase Sub-Saharan research but to drive it as well by acting as a resource convener—connecting expertise and aligned interests. As IBM Research Africa, we get approached by many different organizations and independent researchers. Unfortunately, due to our research vision, we can’t possibly engage with all requests. But what we can do is connect people to one another. 

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