Workshop on Data Mining in/for Africa
IBM Research Lab
Nairobi, Kenya

May 2nd 2019

4 PM EAT (UTC+3)

On-Site Networking


This will be an opportunity for on-site attendees, presenters and panelists to mingle and to forge new collaboration opportunities.

8 AM MDT (UTC-6)

10 AM EDT (UTC-4)

5 PM EAT (UTC+3)

Workshop Introduction

Opening Remarks 


The host institution (IBM Research Africa) will open the simulcast stream and officially start the event.

Following the opening, the guest keynote speaker will set the tone of the workshop.

Reginald Bryant (IBM Research Africa)

Aisha Walcott (IBM Research Africa)

Linet Kwamboka (Data Science LTD)  

8:30 AM UTC-6

10:30 AM UTC-4

5:30 PM UTC+3

1st Research Session

This is the first of two Lightning-Talks sessions that will feature cutting-edge just-in results as well as for new up and coming researchers to establish themselves.

  • Predicting School Performance

  • Integrated Maternal Mobile Health

  • Cassava Disease

  • Mortality Prediction for Renal Disease

  • Cropland Mapping

Henry Wandera, Vukosi Marivate, Moinina David Sengeh, Dahabo Adi, Samiiha Nalwooga, M. Gitau, E. Macias, J, Serrano, A. Morell, J. Vicario, J. Ibeas,

Nuruddeen Ibrahim Isa

9:10 AM UTC-6

11:10 AM UTC-4

6:10 PM UTC+3

Panel 1 

Accelerating the Data Revolution

Domain experts are assembled to discuss the impact of Data Science in their field.

Mary Runana (Standard Chartered Bank)

Moses Alobo (The African Academy of Science)

John Olukuru (Strathmore University)

10:00 AM UTC-6

12:00 PM UTC-4

7 PM UTC+3

Panel 2

Demystifying the Tools and Techniques of Applied Data Science

Expert Data Science practitioners are assembled to discuss various aspects of how Data Mining is applied to their fields.

Chris Orwa (I&M Bank - Kenya)

Leonida Mutuku (Intelipro)

Samuel Kamande (MSurvey)

10:30 AM UTC-6

12:30 PM UTC-4

7:30 PM UTC+3

2nd Research Session

This is the second Lightning-Talks session. The structure of this session will be very much the same as the first. 

  • Phishing Detection

  • Cancer Medical Imaging

  • Maize Price Predictions in Kenya

  • Designing Mobile Visualizations

Alexander Murithi, Daniel Ruiru, Stephen Obonyo, Tim Mayabi, Lawerence Muchemi, Alex Macharia

11:10 AM UTC-6

1:10 PM UTC-4

8:10 PM UTC+3



The two presentations which have the most potential for impact will be identified and celebrated!!!

Nairobi LIVE Schedule

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Onsite Attendance
May 02, 2019, 3:30 PM
IBM Research Africa
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WebEx Streaming
May 02, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT+3
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For a very long time, Africa has been under a microscope, engendering intense focus and attracting resources from government-led consortiums and non-profit organizations. During this time, think-pieces and panel discussions have called out a so-called digital divide that has ostensibly hamstrung the continent from being competitive on the world stage of innovation.

Fast forward to the last 5 to 10 years and we begin to see a new narrative evolve--this narrative is one with various leapfrog innovations which could have only been born out of necessity and context.   

This Workshop will showcase a variety of current research efforts which are happening in Africa. 

Location of the Event

IBM Research Africa

Workshop Organizers

Reginald E. Bryant

Reginald Bryant serves in the role as a research scientist, exploring the underlying mechanisms, mechanics, and connections that shape our modern world through scientific inquiry, investigation and interrogation. Armed with graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, he explores the possible causal and correlational effects underlining many of the Grand Challenges in Sub-Sahara Africa. Before being specifically limned by Steve Case (co-founder of AOL), his approach to research honors three key aspects of the third wave of innovation: perserverence, partnerships and policy.

Tonya Nyakeya

Tonya Nyakeya is the Ecosystem & Program Lead at IBM Research | Africa. She is a program management and client engagement specialist with experience from both public and private sector with a penchant interest for research, science, technology, and innovation in addressing government transformation and socioeconomic development.

Sekou L. Remy

Sekou L. Remy is a Research Scientist at IBM Research | Africa. Joining the Healthcare team, he is excited about developing appropriate technologies which will transform Africa, and the world. Sekou loves learning, and is trained both in the Liberal Arts and Engineering. Sekou has served twice on the convention planning committee for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and twice for the Georgia Tech Graduate Technical Symposium.

Evalyn Kemunto

Evalyn is currently a Research Intern at IBM Research | Africa where she works on solutions aimed at achieving financial inclusion for all in Africa. She has previously worked on other SDG goals such as healthcare and water during her time at Utawala Research Institute using data to drive decisions around such in Kilifi County. Evalyn is also passionate about growing the local Kenyan tech space.

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